Private Events

We'd love to host your next party, company get together or holiday gathering! We like to keep things simple, so we've layed out our policy below. If you're ready to book or have additonal questions, contact us!

A $300 minimum bar tab per 2 hr. block is required. You will have full access to the taproom, and we will be closed to the public during your event.

If you need additional setup time PRIOR to the start of your event, it will be an additional $25 per half hour requested.

•• The tab & setup fee (if requested) DOES NOT include tips for your Beertender, so please treat them awesome! ••

How it works

We will provide an event document for you to sign based on the agreed terms. Once at your event:

  1. Open a tab for your party and add beers as you go.

  1. If you hit your minimum before the end of the event, you can either keep it open & continue or close it & have your guests open individual tabs.

  1. If you reached the end of your event, and have not hit the minimum, we will add the remaining balance to your tab & you will close out at that time.

Event Availability

Wednesday - 2hr. Events



Wednesday - 4hr. Events


Friday - 2hr. Events



Friday - 4hr. Events


Saturday & Sunday - 2 hr. Events



Saturday & Sunday - 4 hr. Events